Your Pets Pawsport

To Undiscovered Pet Friendly Places!

PGA Pet Policies

PGA would like to ensure that we can continue using pet friendly venues so we would appreciate your co-operation with property & PGA Policies:
Rule No 1: Prevention is the only cure! 

If we respect and appreciate the accommodation and tour operators/wine farms Guidelines and Rules we will have the continuous use of their services!

Dogs must be leashed where instructed to be for SAFETY of all involved. 

This is the main reason we loose usage of pet friendly venues as pet owners do not control their dogs and farm animals are harmed/property damaged...

Body belted leashes are available from PGA - hands free; extra long leashes can be ordered as well... thus making it easy to keep your dog by your side - hands free! Available on our shop site! Link

Pets are 95% of the time not allowed on furniture/beds. Please bring EXTRA SHEETS/BLANKETS to cover couches/beds and if possible bring your own bedding and pack the property's linen away so your dog can lay on your bedding/sheets.

PGA will supply Dog Bedding, Blankets and Food / Water Bowls when the weekend is hosted by 1 of our agents... private bookings must take their own pet goodies along.

This is a major reason why we loose pet friendly accom options and its very frustrating as the solution is so simple! Bring own bedding & cover sheets! 

Ensure your pets are free of fleas and ticks on arrival. PGA will have some Capstar pills on hand to purchase but this still take time to kill off the unwelcome guests... so please take care of these before arriving!

(Non compliance will result in problems and could cost us the usage of a property. If you see a problem bring a doom fogger and ask the cleaners to activate it once you've left.) 

It is expected of you to clean up;  that your pets are house trained, i.e. no messes inside the house.  We provide a pooper scooper cleaner (hosted events) or poop scooper spades – please use it to clean up the lawns before leaving.
To ensure we will be able to use this property as a Pet Friendly venue in future we have put some policies in place... 

Most properties don't allow pets to be left alone/on furniture and of course you need to clean up - so to make this pet getaways a pleasure for all we have implemented some policies...

Bowls & Beds are provided for the weekend so you don’t need to drag all your pets stuff along on hosted weekend - when a PGA Agent is on site as well. For private bookings  Most properties don't allow pets on furniture so please adhere to their wishes. 

R50 Pooper Scooper Cleaning Fee so you don't have to worry about picking up & we will be allowed to visit this property again! 

Pooper Scooper Fees - mandatory as PGA hires staff to assist with cleaning up during the week-end. Add this in your card when making payment.

When you sign up you agree to cover costs for any damages done - you will liaise with the property manager to sort this out. 

We will have some pet sitters (Paw Sitters) on hand which you can use to sit your pets when you like to go out to a non pet-friendly venue ... this will be much cheaper than paying for damage recovery! and prevent any barking/fighting/etc bothering other guests and preventing you to have to leave due to breaking pet policy rules.

All  pet owners to sign a disclaimer agreement with PGA & 3rd Party Service Providers - this agreement is to be signed on arrival  at the accommodation site and will cover ... 

Agreement to cover costs relating to Vet Bills/Hospital Bills in event where your dog causes the injuries to dogs/humans.
Agreement to forfeit deposits and leave property should you do not adhere to the property pet policies and rules.

Agreement to cover costs relating to furniture/other property replacements. 

Professional quotation for such replacements/repairs will be forwarded to you personally to sort out with the relevant property. 
(We strongly recommend using Paw Sitters when you need to leave your pets at bay!)