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- Pet-Friendly Tours Just For You & Your Dog!

A quick Pawscape or a Well Deserved Pawcation?

Explore unique dog participation tours with us!

PetGetAways is not a normal travel agency - we focus on pet-friendly tours with a bit of human entertainment thrown in!


Organized dog-friendly travel activities guarantee your dog is truly involved in your travel enjoyments!


Our Pet-Friendly Accommodations focus on dog safety & offer you some unique and exclusive pet sharing events.


Club Bon Pawage unites like-minded pet owner travellers & offer exciting benefits & a wagging tail welcome to the club community!


Our Suppawrt Events are highlights here at PGA & in aid of pet sterilization. Find a Travel Buddy in our adoption section.

It's time to LET YOUR DOGS OUT!

@PetGetAways this is our Most Impawtant Mission!

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We'll show you how you can NOW go on a dog-friendly tour in a few easy steps!

From overwhelmed to fully enjoying pet-friendly travels

Pre-Planned & Club Custom Packages

99% Pet Participation Activities

Excellent Pet Owner Support

...we have your solution to planning more than pet-friendly accommodation - in just a few clicks!


'Cause we are pet owner travellers too we come up with some pawsome pet-friendly travel solutions.


pre-planned pet friendly activities that also allow free time for your own exploring!


pet friendly accommodation and activity venues that focus on dog safety & offer unique dog participation events.


added unique support services for you, a dog parent, just like most of us!


an exclusive travel club with more benefits that you & your best buddies deserve!

Pawsome Pet Participation Packages

Day Trips - Weekender Breaks - Road Trips - Educationals



Adventure Activities such as mountain biking; hiking; canoeing with your dogs!


Leisure pet-friendly tourist activities that your dog share in 99% of the time!


Dog-friendly road trips with pet-friendly pitstops all the way! 


Dog related educational workshops or courses that are fun and include your dog.

Pet-friendly travel arrangements are often overwhelming

...we make it a little bit easier!

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Dog Travel Goodies & Services @ Your Fingertips!

Let's get a dog owner travel community going here!

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Sell your pre-loved doggy stuff that could be useful to other dog owners in the Classifieds.

Dog Travel Gear Store

Pet Travel Gear assisting with 99% Hands Free control while doggy travelling & other tour goodies.

The Unique Dog Directory

Services that are unique to cater for your dog related needs. Let us know what special services you need.

Seek & Find Groups

Not enough travel buddies - no probs! - post your shout out here and get your group together quickly or join a group.

Be Dog Travel Advisors

Share your dog related experiences with fellow dog owners friendly destinations; places; food & health care...

Dog About Blogging

Your invite to blog along with us! If you enjoy posting dog related articles of real value to pet owners - get "dologging" and send us your blogs.

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