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You have just discovered the latest trend in Travel

- adventurous Pet Friendly Tours Just For You & Your Dog!

Travel Consultants

travel experts & pet parents too!

Dog Person Tour Crews

Pet 1st Aiders & 100% safety focused

Dog Friendly Packages

packed with human & dog sharing activities 

Support Services

 focus specificaly on your pet travel needs 

Pet Friendly Venues

picked for their top dog friendliness

Quality Products

for all your dog travel expeditions

Never Feel Guilty Again Leaving Your Dog Behind!


Book Your Dogs' Ultimate Participation Tours With PGA!

Go On Tour In 5 Easy Steps!


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Loaded with all PGA's pet friendly tours it's handy to quickly see which tours are upcoming; choose a club custom tour or even book you and the furries on a last minute PetGetAway!


Step 1,2 & 3...

Choose Life Stage (e.g. Family) - Tour Style  (e.g. Adventure) - Tour Type (e.g. Canoeing) -  Tour Package  (e.g Coco's Breede River PGA - Wocester) 

Book It! & Go Pet Friendly...what else?


Pet friendly travel arrangements are often overwhelming!

...we make it a little bit easier!

Free Information:

  • Pet Friendly Destination Guides

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Free Pet Friendlies!


Organized Dog Friendly Travel

- guarantees your dog is truly involved in your travel enjoyments!


Taking note of our own pet travel needs

we come up with some solutions with pawsome results:



pre-planned pet friendly activities that also allow free time for your own exploring!



pet friendly accommodation venues that focus on dog safety & offer unique dog participation events



added unique support services for you, a dog parent, just like most of us!



an exclusive travel club with more benefits that you & your best buddies deserve!

Our Dog Friendly Packages

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Fully participate in pet friendly human activities with your best buddies - human or furry!


Relax at carefully chosen pet friendly accommodation venues that focus on dog safety

Enjoy discovering pet friendly destinations together with like-minded travellers and their dogs


PGA Supawrt Events

Dog Sterilization Program

PGA host adventure spawrts events in aid of our Platteland Sterilization Fund for dogs without Vet services in small towns.  We work with registered agencies...

These events are mostly bike/hike/canoe day trips or social events such as music shows where all proceeds goes to our PSF. 

Travel Buddy Program

We work with welfare adoption agencies across SA  to find you dogs that will be great travel buddies... we welcome all adopted dogs with a free 1 Year Club Membership!

There has never been a better reason to adopt another dog or get your pet-less BFF's to adopt a dog and come travel with you! 

Be A Pack Leader!

Start your PET FRIENDLY adventures now!

Pack Leaders in PET PARTICIPATION Tourism

...more than just pet friendly stays!

- discover & explore -

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